Your consultation

To get the most from your consultation at Kingsley Physiotherapy we suggest that you come well prepared. The following guidelines will ensure you receive the best outcome from your appointment with our physiotherapists:

  • List all of the issues that you wish to discuss.
    Do this at the beginning of your consultation. If you have more than one issue, your physiotherapist will prioritise these.
  • Arrive prepared for your consultation.
    Bring any x-rays, CT scans, referral letters etc. Know your medical and surgical history and know the medications that you are taking.
  • Listen carefully to the questions that you are asked.

    You will be asked very specific questions. Your answers should be precise and brief.
  • Do your homework
    Your physiotherapist is likely to give you a home exercise programme or advice on how to manage your injury whilst you recover. Either do exactly as you are instructed or make your excuse phenomenally good. Our reputation is based on getting great results with our patients. We can’t do that unless you pull your weight.
  • Listen carefully to what you are told by your physiotherapist. Better still, bring someone else along to your consultations.
    Most patients are unable to accurately recall more than 20% of what their physiotherapist tells them during a consultation. This is no doubt due to many physiotherapists being poor communicators. We will do our best to communicate clearly and precisely. We ask in return that you listen very carefully.
  • Understand our prices.
    Kingsley Physiotherapy is a private billing practice. Aged pensioners are offered a discounted fee. There will be a small gap to pay after each consultation if you are a motor vehicle accident patient or referred to us by your GP through a ‘Care plan’ arrangement. For a full list of our fees click here.
  • You know your own body better than anyone.
If you think that we are on the wrong track or if you are uncertain or unhappy with the treatment that we have suggested then let us know. We rely on your feedback. Keep the lines of communication open.
  • Our physiotherapists
    Ms Tara Williams
    Ms Katherine Melanko
    Dr Andrew Thompson


We request that all patients who attend Kingsley Physiotherapy come suitably attired. This includes footwear at all times. Patients with hygiene or cigarette odour may be asked to leave the premises.


If you have any further questions about your consultation or about the services offered at Kingsley Physiotherapy please feel free to call or email us.